COVID-19 Resources


As you know, concerns about the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) have been widely reported throughout the country. As a result, NSTA is providing the following reference materials to assist you with operational planning and response. Keep in mind that this remains a rapidly evolving situation, so operators should check frequently for updates and new links to be added.

Driver Shortage 

School Transportation News - "Staggering" Number of NSTA Members Short Bus Drivers by over 10% | 3/21/2022 

Yahoo Finance - School Bus Driver Shortage May be "long-term problem:" | 10/11/2021 

Newsweek - School Bus Driver Shortage Cripples America as National Guard Deployed | 09/17/2021 

CBS News - National Guard to Drive Kids to School Amid Bus Driver Shortage in Massachusetts | 09/14/2021 

Black Enterprise - Nearly 100 Massacusetts National Guard Members to Become Bus Drivers | 09/14/2021 

California News Times - Bus Driver Shortage 2021: Massacusetts Taps National Guard to Help School Districts | 09/14/2021 

VIDEO - Yahoo Finance | 09/08/2021 

The Wall Street Journal - Schools are Open but Don't Have Enough School Bus Drivers | 09/04/2021 

NPR - National Survey Finds Severe and Desperate Bus Driver Shortage | 09/1/2021 

CNN - Facing a Bus Driver Shortage, this Delaware School District will pay Parents to take their kids to school | 08/19/2021 

ABC News - Why School Districts Nationwide are Facing Driver Shortages | 08/12/2021 

Fox News - School Districts Struggle to Hire Bus Drivers Amid Post-Pandemic Shortage | 08/6/2021 

Mask and Vaccine Mandate Tracker 

USA Today Tracking Map 

Reopening Schools

Healthy Buildings – Reopening schools | March 30, 2021

NYT - Why Opening Windows Is a Key to Reopening Schools  | March 30, 2021

State Activity

COVID-19 State Drivers Licensing Agency Operations - search "COVID-19 AAMVA Temp Operational Changes" to download most recent version 

U.S. States Health Screening Requirements 


CA SB 117 Enacted (continuation of contractor payments for reimbursements on expenditures)


Executive Order No. 7R 


State Superintendent Edict (continuation of contrator payments)


State Superintendent Edict (continuation of contractor payments for reimbursements on expenditures)

State BOE Emergency Amendment - Pupil Transportation Payments

State BOE Guidance 


Driver Licensure

State CARES Act Memo 

ESSER Guidance 


Dept. of Education Intervention


Montana Unemployment Proposal

State Superintendent Request (continuation of funding during school closures)

New Jersey    

NJ Dept. of Education Return to School Guidance

NJ AB 3904

New Jersey School Bus Association members write to County Superintendents. Click HERE to read the letter.


OR Superintendent Meeting 2020-03-20

ODE FAQ Transportation Guidance


PA SB 751

PDE Guidance on Transportation


Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

1. Talking to Children about the New Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

Center for Disease Control: 

1. School Reopening Guidance

2. Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Resource Page

3. Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Situation Summary

4. Interim Guidance for Administrators of US Childcare Programs and K-12 Schools

5. Workplace School and Home Guidance

6. Coronavirus(COVID-19): What You Need To Know In Partnership with Centers for Disease Control Webinar Recording

7. Legal Focus - CDC Mask Guidance Update 

Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy 

1. COVID-19 Viewpoint

CoronaVirus Infographic Datapack - updated every few days

1. COVID-19 CoronaVirus Infographic Datapack

Department of Education 

1. $13 Billion ESSER Funding Distributed by U.S.D.O.E. Secretary Betsy DeVos

2. ESEA Title 1 LEA Allocations FY 2019

3. Governor's Emergency Education Relief (GEER) Fund

4. Coronavirus Guidance

5. COVID-19 Handbook

     a. Volume 1: Strategices for Safely Reopening Elementary and Secondary Schools

     b. Volume 2: Roadmap to Reopening Safely and Meeting All Students’ Needs

Deparmtent of Homeland Security | Cyber and Infrastructure Security Agency 

1. Cyber Attacks Guidance

2. Malicious Cyber Actors Conduct Coronavirus- Themed Scams

3. Commercial Routing Assistance (CRA) Tool

4. May 2020 CISA Disinformation Activity 

5. June 2021 Selecting a Protective DNS Service

Emergency Management & Safety Solutions Resources

1. COVID-19 Pandemic Planning Phases - Infographic

2. COVID-19 Pandemic Planning Phases - White Paper 

Environmental Protection Agency 

1. List N: Disinfectants for Use Against SARS-CoV-2

Federal Emergency Management Agency

1. Pandemic Influenza Template

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

1. Waiver for CDL/CLP Holders

2. Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse Guidance

3. Extension and Expansion of March Emergency Declaration


1. CARES Act Guidance

2. Coronavirus Tax Relief

Johns Hopkins Mapping 2019-nCoV 

1. Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering

2. Herd Immunity and COVID-19

Main Street Lending Program

1. Program Opening Announcement 

2. Expansion of Main Street Lending Program

NSTA's The Bus Stop Podcasts

1. COVID-19 -  Regina Phelps, Emergency Management & Safety Solutions Founder

2. COVID-19 - Paul Osland, First Student President 

3. COVID-19 - Regina Phelps, Emergency Management & Safety Solutions Founder (Round 2)

NSTA Webinars

1. School Bus Contracts and COVID-19 - Q&A Resource from NSTA Royalty Partner, RC Kelly Law Associates

A. COVID-19 Update for School Bus Contractors

OEM Resources

 1. BLUE BIRD - Disenfecting Best Practices

 2. Collins - CLEAN and SHEILD

 3. IC BUS - Cleaning an IC Bus

 4. Thomas Built Buses - How to Disenfect Your School Bus

Paycheck Protection Program

1. Paycheck Protection Program - Interim Final Rule | June 12, 2020

2. Paycheck Protection Program - Interim Final Rule | April 24, 2020

3. Paycheck Protection Program - Interim Final Rule | April 15, 2020

4. Paycheck Protection Program Overview

5. Paycheck Protection Program - Interim Final Rule | April 2, 2020 

6. Small Business Administration Paycheck Protection Program Information

7. Online Application Form 

8. Borrower's Information Sheet

9. Small Business Administration Affiliation Rules 

10. Calculating Loan Amounts 

11. Corporate Groups and Non-Bank and Non-Insured Depository Institutions

12. EZ Forgiveness Application

13. Full Forgiveness Application

 Small Business Administration Information

1. SBA Disaster Assistance in Response to the Coronavirus

2. How to Request a SBA EIDL Declaration

3. 2020 Disaster Assistance Contact List for Regions I-V

4. COVID-19 EIDL Disaster Assistance Contact List for Regions I-V

5. SBA Regional Administrator(RA) and District Director(DD) Contacts

U.S. Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee

1. NSTA Response to Senate Questionnaire

2. Senate COVID-19 Passenger Transportation Support