Go Yellow Go Green Award


Go Yellow, Go Green recognizes leaders in the school bus industry who demonstrate initiative and commitment in pursuing positive responses to growing environmental concerns. A single award may be presented annually to the National School Transportation Association member company that, through corporate practice and industry leadership, best demonstrates the principles of National School Transportation Associations’s Go Yellow, Go Green campaign.

Go Yellow, Go Green is a national campaign to promote the greater use of school buses as a viable response to the twin problems of air pollution and excessive fuel usage. By replacing an average 36 personal vehicles on each trip to and from school, one school bus can significantly reduce total carbon emissions and total fuel usage. In addition, the campaign encourages cleaner operation of school buses through idle-reduction, retrofits, and replacements.

Nominations must be received by April 15.

Please complete the nomination form below to be considered for the Go Yellow, Go Green Award. The nominee can be an entire company or a single location of a company. To nominate a company other than your own (i.e. a worthy colleague) simply fill in the first section, Contact Information. We will do the rest.



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