NSTA Members are encouraged to participate in any committee of interest.  This is a great way to get involved and get the most out of your membership. Typically, being a member of a committee means participating in a monthly conference call and attending in person committee meetings held at the Midwinter Meeting, the Annual Meeting and Convention and the Fall Meeting.  

To join a committee or to learn more, Contact Us at (703) 684-3200 or send an email to


Awards & Meeting Planning Committee: The Awards and Meeting Planning Committee is responsible for NSTA’s Awards program and developing the program for NSTA’s Annual Meeting and Convention, Mid-Winter Meetings and all other NSTA meetings.

 Business Development Committee: The Business Development Committee is responsible for most association activities pertaining to the promotion and health of the Association as well as the promotion of the school bus contracting industry. Its mandate is to help contractors grow market share and to develop opportunities to get more children on the yellow bus.

Government Relations Committee: This committee is one of the Association’s two overriding committees and is focused on working with legislators, regulatory agencies, on all levels to promote the interest of the school bus contractor industry. Key areas of focus includes:

       Legislative: Federal and state legislation, lobbying efforts, and education of legislators and their staff. The GR committee works closely on these efforts with NSTA’s lobbying group, Prime Policy.

       Regulatory: Working with regulatory agencies such as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, among other agencies, on issues concerning the         school bus industry.

Manufacturers, Suppliers, and Technology Committee: This Committee has a two-fold purpose. First, it provides the Association with regular updates on research, new product development, services, and innovations on equipment and operations as well as best practices to guide the policy making of the Board of Directors. Secondly, the committee focuses on the needs of NSTA’s supplier and manufacturer partners to incorporate their needs into NSTA’s agenda and find new ways to foster meaningful interactions between supplier and manufacturer partners and the contractor members.

Membership Committee: The membership committee is focused on the growth and retention of the NSTA membership and developing new member benefits that will provide additional value to the association.   It also keeps members up-to-date on association activities, industry news, and important legislative activities, foster peer-to-peer communications between members, enhances communications between committees to improve efficiency and create cohesiveness and develops a standard operating procedure for internal and external communications.

Safety and Security Committee: This committee oversees the planning and execution of the School Bus Driver International Safety Competition, gets involved with any safety and security issues that need to be addressed, and advises the Regulatory and Legislative Committees on safety and security issues.  

Strategic Planning Committee: This committee works to develop the NSTA Strategic Plan and then assists the committees in implementing the plan.


Standing Committees

Finance: The Finance Committee oversees the finances of the Association including the creation of an annual operating budget and provides oversight on all financial matters.  

Bylaws: The Bylaws Committee periodically reviews the bylaws and presents changes to the NSTA Board of Directors.  

Nominating Committee: The key roleof the Nominating Committee is to identify current members to serve on the Board of Directors and as officers of the Board. A slate of officers is presented every other year to the members at the Annual Meeting.   

Executive Committee: The Executive Committee acts in place and instead of the Board of Directors between Board meetings on matters including setting Association policies, except those specifically reserved exclusively to the Board by the NSTA Bylaws. The Executive Committee consists of the President, President-elect, Secretary/Treasurer, and Immediate Past President.


View the NSTA Organizational Chart to understand NSTA's working order and processes.