The National School Transportation Association (NSTA) is the leading resource for school bus transportation solutions. Our member organizations will be recognized as providing the safest, most secure, environmentally-responsible and cost-effective school bus transportation services.  NSTA and its members are dedicated to leading the school bus transportation industry through a commitment to: safety and security; cost-effective operations; high quality operating standards; professional integrity; environmental responsibility; education and promotion; community involvement and industry advocacy.


NSTA began in 1964 as the National Association of School Bus Contract-Operators (NASBCO).  The Association was formed by a small group of contract-operators and manufacturers who were unhappy about an unfair 10% excise tax being levied on their buses.  The group convened to elect officers and board members, and adopted a constitution and bylaws.  Together, this newly formed group was able to achieve victory over the 10% tax. 

In the early 1970's NASBCO was relocated to Washington D.C., in order to focus on safety efforts, research, lobbying, legal work, and the tracking of regulations impacting the pupil transportation industry, especially within the private sector. NASBCO's name was soon changed to the National School Transportation Association and the membership grew to represent 47 states across the nation.  

NSTA has been the Washington voice for private contractors for over 50 years. We provide school transportation professionals with the tools and resources they need to make school buses safe, secure, affordable, and efficient nationwide.

Despite the many changes in the industry over the last 50 years,  NSTA has continued to produce a high quality of leadership, service, and integrity.  NSTA's Board of Directors, Committees, and members continuously work hard to better the industry and the Association.