Go Yellow Go Green Initiatives


NSTA strives to provide ways for our members to 'Go Green' by providing information and securing grants for members to 'green' up their fleet. Take a look below for the projects and grants currently on-going. Remember, these programs are only for NSTA members so if you're not a member, learn more about membership and how to join.

Green School Bus Fleet Certification Program for NSTA Contractor Members
NSTA has developed a certification program for school bus contractors to examine and promote how green their operations are. Read the full story here.  

Go Green Booklet for School Officials & Administrators
NSTA representatives will be attending the Association of School Business Officials Convention and Tradeshow in Boston, MA in mid-April. Take a moment to check out the Go Yellow, Go Green booklet detailing how the yellow school bus saves lives, energy, money, and the environment. Download the Booklet

NSTA's Go Green Award
The Go Yellow, Go Green award was created to recognize a leader in the school bus industry who has demonstrated initiative and commitment in pursuing positive responses to growing environmental concerns. A single award may be presented annually to the NSTA member who, through corporate practice and industry leadership, best demonstrates the principles of NSTA’s Go Yellow, Go Green campaign. 

Go Yellow, Go Green is a national campaign to promote the greater use of school buses as a viable response to the twin problems of air pollution and excessive fuel usage. By replacing as many as 50 personal vehicles on each trip to and from school, one school bus can significantly reduce total carbon emissions and total fuel usage. In addition, the campaign encourages cleaner operation of school buses through idle-reduction, retrofits, and replacements. 

The award will be based on performance in three general areas: “Greening” of the Fleet, “Greening” of the Company, and Community and Industry “Green” Leadership. 

NSTA Go Yellow, Go Green White Paper
Learn more about environmental issues and options for yellow school buses in this white paper