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We are pleased to launch the NSTA Library, a Keyword Index of the NSTA’s collection of Written Comments, Position Papers, Position Letters, Member Bulletins, Testimony, and Media Releases. Click here for the key word index. 

NSTA has been the voice for private contractors, manufacturers, and suppliers for decades, and is constantly fighting to both promote and protect the interests of our industry.  To do this, we constantly produce newsletters, recommendations, and other publications.  This portion of the site is dedicated to this facet of the organization. 

 Summaries and Statements 

05/19 - 2019 Capitol Hill Bus-In 

04/19 - 2019 Capitol Hill Bus-In Preview 

04/19 - STOP For School Buses Act of 2019

03/19 - NSTA Past President Testifies as Lead Witness to US Senate on Environment and Public Works

12/18 - UCR Fee Exemptions for Intrastate Operators 

10/18 - NSTA Past President Presents at EPA's Children's Health Day

10/18- School Bus Stop Accidents

02/18 - Raymond Martinez confirmed as Administrator for FMCSA

08/10 - FMCSA Withdraws its Obstructive Sleep Apnea Rulemaking Proposal [PDF]

12/15 -- NSTA-NAPT Letter to Administrator Rosekind [PDF]

07/15 -- NSTA Remarks for NHSTA Occupant Protection [PDF]

01/15 -- NAPT - NSTA Joint Occupant Protection Postition [PDF]

01/15 -- OSHA Recordkeeping Changes [PDF]

NSTA Cell Phone Policy Statement 2014 [PDF]

UPDATED March 2012: NSTA Executive Summary, Statement on Occupant Protection [PDF]

Letters on the Issues 

11/14 -- Tax Extenders Sign On Letter - Senate [PDF]

11/14 -- Tax Extenders Sign On Letter - House [PDF]

12/12 -- Entry Level Driver Training Letter to FMCSA Administrator Anne Ferro  [PDF]

NSTA asks Senate to Preserve Fuel Tax Exemptions

NSTA, UMA Joint Letter Opposing the DeFazio Amendment

NSTA Supports American Energy and Infrastructure Jobs Act of 2012

Docket Comments and Testimony

7/17 -- Testimony: FAST Act Implementation: Improving the Safety of the Nation's Roads [PDF]

7/17 -- Comments: OSHA Proposed Rule to Delay Compliance Date for Reporting Requirement [PDF]

7/17 -- Comments: FMCSA Public Listening Session Notice on Highly Automated Vehicles [PDF]

4/17 -- Comments: NHTSA Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on on Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications [PDF]

3/17 -- Comments: Procedures for Transportation Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing [PDF]

2/17 -- Comments: Reply NHTSA Request on Safety Belts on School Buses [PDF]

1/17 -- Comments: VA Physicians and the National Registry [PDF]

11/16 -- Comments: Automated Vehicle Policy [PDF]

10/16 -- Comments: Diabetes & CMV Drivers Notice [PDF]

10/16 -- Comments: Notice of Updating the Means of Providing Recall Notifications [PDF]

8/16 -- Comments: Volkswagon Partial Consent Decree Letter [PDF]

6/16 -- Comments: Reply FMCSA Safety Fitness Determination [PDF]

6/16 -- Comments: FMCSA Beyond Compliance [PDF]

6/16 -- Comments: Obstructive Sleep Apnea ANPRM [PDF]

5/16 -- Comments: FMSCA Safety Fitness Determination [PDF]

5/16 -- Comments: NSTA Comments on Automated Vehicles [PDF]

4/16 -- Comments: FMCSA Notice of Propsed Rulemaking on Minimum Training Requirements for ELDT [PDF]

3/16 -- Comments for the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Carrier Safety Fitness Determination [PDF]

2/16 -- Comments: NSTA Comments on IRS Guidance [PDF]

10/15 -- Comments: NSTA Comments to NHSTA-EPA Greenhouse Gas NPRM [PDF]

09/15 -- Comments: PPWO Comments on Overtime Proposal [PDF]

07/15 -- Comments: FMCSA Comments on SMS Enhancements [PDF]

07/15 -- Comments: HHS Urine Testing Revisions [PDF]

07/15 -- Comments: HHS Oral Fluid Testing [PDF]

07/15 -- Comments: FMSCA Diabetes Standard [PDF]

06/15 -- Comments: SAMHSA Hair Follicle Testing [PDF]

06/15 -- Comments: FMCSA Beyond Compliance Program [PDF]

03/15 -- Comments: FMCSA Crash Weighting [PDF]

02/15 -- Comments: FMCSA Financial Responsibility [PDF]

10/14 -- Comments: FMCSA CDL Passenger Endorsement Requirements [PDF]

09/14 -- Comments: FMCSA Negotiated Rulemaking Process for Minimum Training Requirements [PDF]

06/14 -- Comments: FMCSA Electronic Logging Device NPRM [PDF]

05/14 -- Comments: FMCSA Alcohol and Drug Clearinghouse NPRM [PDF]

04/14 -- Comments: NLRB Proposed Election Changes [PDF]

03/14 -- Comments: OSHA NPRM on Workplace Injuries and Illnesses [PDF]

11/12 -- Comments: FMCSA re: Obstructive Sleep Apnea [PDF]

10/12 -- Comments: FMCSA - CSA re: Subcommittee of the Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee [PDF]

10/12 -- Comments: FMCSA re: Graduated Drivers Licensing Incentive Grant

09/12 -- Comments: FMCSA Self-Reporting of Out-of-State Convictions

08/12 -- Comments: NHTSA FMVSS re: Electronic Stability Control Systems for Heavy Vehicles

12/11 -- Comments: FMCSA SNPRM re: Unified Registration System

12/11 -- Comments: FMSCA NPRM re: Obstructive Sleep Apnea [PDF]

05/11 -- Comments: FMCSA NPRM re: Electronic On-Board Recorders and Hours of Service [PDF]

02/09 -- Comments: FMCSA NPRM re: National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners [PDF]

12/08 -- Comments: FTA re: School Bus Operations NPRM

12/08 -- Supplemental Comments: FTA re: School Bus Operations NPRM

05/08 -- Comments: FMCSA re: CDL Testing and Permit Standards NPRM

03/08 -- Comments: FMCSA re: CDL Training Requirements

06/07 -- Testimony to U.S. Senate Committee on Small Business re: Impact of High Fuel Prices on Small Businesses

05/07 -- Testimony to U.S. House Committee re: Impact of High Fuel Prices

04/07 --  Comments: DOT re: Charter Service NPRM

02/07 -- Comments: FHWA re: Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement Program (CMAQ)

01/07 -- Testimony to U.S. Senate Commerce Committee re: School Bus Security

03/06 -- Testimony to U.S. House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure re: Public Transportation Security 

Studies and Reports

6/17 -- The National Academies Press: Improving Motor Carrier Safety Measurement [PDF]