EPA Funding Opportunity


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced the availability of $75 million in Diesel Emission Reduction Program (DERA) funding to support projects to reduce emissions from the nation's existing fleet of older diesel engines. 

School bus contractors are eligible to apply through a state or local governmental entity, like a local school district or transportation or health based not-for-profit entity, such as the National School Transportation Association (NSTA).

The 2018 DERA Grant application period officially opened on April 24, 2018.  The deadline for applying for this opportunity is June 12, 2018.  Once again, NSTA has partnered with RC Kelly Law Associates, LLC for assistance in preparing the applications and aligning NSTA member contractors in order to maximize the allotted applications for NSTA.

Click here to listen to our May 14, 2018 webinar for more information on application requirements, expectations and application requirements. Click here for a copy of the webinar PowerPoint slides. You can also view the EPA's 2018 DERA RFP by clicking here

If you are interested in applying for this grant opportunity, please contact the NSTA office at (703) 684-3200 or via email at info@yellowbuses.org

Do not miss your opportunity at a chance to receive funds to upgrade your fleet!

For more information about this funding opportunity, visit: https://www.epa.gov/cleandiesel/clean-diesel-national-grants